Posted by: kmayward | May 18, 2011

A sponsors visit to Kenya

Most sponsors never have the opportunity to visit their sponsored child, but some do have this incredible chance.

We recently heard from a sponsor who visited his child in Kenya. You can read about his entire adventure here.

Below is just a brief quote and photo from Josh’s trip.

I’m not sure what I expected to feel when I came his home, but I ended up just feeling so grateful they would let me in their home.  His mother cooked for us and we talked for a while about our families.  I showed him the pictures I had brought for him of my family back home.  Sorry Mama and Maria, somehow in my rush to get things together at the last minute (anyone surprised!)  I left out pictures of you two! I need to take some, because Umuro actually asked about that!  I told him I would send him some later.  I found out more about Umuro’s family and met his siblings.  His father evidently did not die in a massacre, like I thought, but two years after that, not sure how though.  The meeting was actually more awkward than I thought it would be.  Of course language was an issue, except for the English Umuro understood because of school.  He was quiet though, very shy.  Loise told me that might happen though.  I can understand…. meeting some stranger for the first time, not knowing how to act.  There were definitely visitors watching the first meeting as well.  Several children and mothers were in the house with us while we met for the first time.  It was just humbling and very down-to-earthy to just meet and talk.  We did not spend to long together, but his mother and aunt gave me jewelry as a gift for coming to see them.  My time online is about to run out so I’ll post this and see you soon hopefully.

Josh and his sponsored child Umuro



  1. I love this. Words like “awkward,” “humbling” and “down-to-earthy” reinforce how the children, families and communities in FH programs are REAL, not an abstraction! There is also something wonderfully relaxed about the way Josh is smiling and holding the mug in this photo.


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