Posted by: Wendy McMahan | August 2, 2011

The Manifesto of a Super Sponsor

Today’s guest post comes from Wendy McMahan, Mobilization Manager at Food for the Hungry

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: I’m not the Super Sponsor in the title of this post!  Most Super Sponsors won’t let on about how extraordinary they truly are. But to the children whose lives they touch every day, they are first class superheroes.

At Food for the Hungry, I’ve rubbed elbows with some true Super Sponsors, and they’ve taught me a few tricks to gaining superhero status. And although I’ll never brag about being a Super Sponsor myself, I can say I’ve made good headway by incorporating these tips. You can too.

Ready to go even deeper with your sponsorship experience?  Check out these five pledges of a Super Sponsor!

1. I pledge to get my friends involved.

There are people all around you who would love to sponsor a child just like you do. And they’re most likely to sponsor if they hear about it from someone they trust—that’s you!—than any other source in the world.

Give it a try. Share this web link with some friends who could be interested.

2. I will write to my sponsored child. Today.

When I served with Hunger Corps in Peru, I often saw children receiving letters from their sponsors. The joy and anticipation were priceless!

Super Sponsors know that their relationship with a child involves the emotional and spiritual support that letter writing provides.

If it has been a while since you wrote–or if you’ve never written–take a moment right now. Tell your sponsored child what you’ve been up to lately. Tell her what you had for dinner last night.  Encourage her to do her best in school. Enclose a photo of yourself.  (When you’re done, here’s our mailing address.)

3. I pledge to join the FH community.

Check out our Facebook page to “Like” Food for the Hungry!

4. I will learn about going on a short-term team.

Get a taste of how FH works by joining us on a mission trip. Watch for open teams coming up for 2012,  or learn how to take a team from your church.  You and your church can sponsor children in the community where you’re going and meet the children on your trip!

5. I promise to pay attention to how sponsorship REALLY works.

Even though FH carefully educates our sponsors through mailings, our website, and the Sponsor Impact blog,  many sponsors still believe myths about the way sponsorship works. Take a few minutes to listen to God’s Surprising Solution to Poverty and break the myth. Then share it with a friend!

What are some other ways you’ve found to be a Super Sponsor? Leave a comment!


  1. Thanks for posting this blog Wendy! I’m excited to share the joy of sponsorship. 🙂

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